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gml3Writers write to be read.  It is fair enough to observe that not everything that is written to be read actually gets read, but that’s aside from the point. Diarists, on the other hand, write to write.  Why?  To impose order on a chaotic existence;  to organize and reinvent; to assign importance to the driftwood of life; to lie.  Reasons abound.

I have little illusion that my life has order, organization or importance.  I am too old to care about reinvention and not nearly vain enough to lie about it.  But I would still like to be read.  Or at least I would like to write to be read.

I will therefore post things now and then to this blog.  I will not inform my friends, family, fans that I am doing so.  I will not rain announcements of my brand-new blog down on anyone.  I will write to be read, and should anyone happen across these posts and read them, that will be fine.

And if not, I will have done my part.

                                                                          copyright 2012  G. M. Levine

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